Monday, July 6, 2009

June Budget Update && July Goals.

June Budget:

Let's review my June Budget Goals:

1) Stick to a Walgreens budget of $80/month or $20/week.

2) Stick to a grocery budget of $200/month or $50/week.

3) Stick to a gas budget of $40/month.

Now, let's see - did I stick to it? I have no idea. I lost track of my receipts, so unless I hunt them down, I won't know.

I know for sure that I went over gas budget, but that was expected. Gas is up to ~$2.50/gal here {if not more}, and I had to drive 30 miles out of town on many occasions. Total spent on gas for the month? $69.71

I'm pretty sure I came under on my Walgreens budget. After my last post, I found my giftcard which had about $35 on it, and I used that. It lasted me almost all month, so I'm guessing I spent $60 at Walgreen last month.

July Budget:

1) Stick to a Walgreens budget of $40/month.

So far I've spent $6.11 at Walgreens, and the next two weeks? They look pretty bland! Oh, and let's face it - I have plenty of shampoo/body wash/soap/etc. to last us quite a while. Plus I'm going to need the money for gas.

2) Stick to a grocery budget of $200/month or $50/week.
This still feels pretty reasonable to me as I have not mastered the art of stockpiling food. So until we can get some more food in this house, I'll keep it at that much.

3) Stick to a gas budget of $80/month.
I drive a lot. And it's mainly because I have to, not because I'm cruising around the streets due to boredom. Oh, and gas is expensive.

4) Record spending within two days of buying the items.
Seeing as this was my downfall last month, I'm making it my goal this week.

So far:
Walgreens - $6.11
Gas - $0
Grocery - $33.03

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