Monday, August 3, 2009

August Challenge:: Record all spending.

You know all those budget goals I made in July?

Yeah, I lost a lot of the receipts again, and have no idea how I did. Okay, I know I blew my grocery and Walgreens budget. I think I did alright on gas...not sure.

So this month, I'm tracking all my spending, just to see where my money goes. Everything with the exception of bills, tuition and school books.

So, let's start.

Saturday, 8/1:
$6.11 at Walgreens
---Hair dryer, used $10RR, got $10RR back.

Sunday, 8/2:

Monday, 8/3:
$10.10 - Expensive gas
$10.74 - Old Navy Shirt {that I may return tomorrow}
$13.04 - Alberstons - ~8lbs of chicken, salt and some ice c4ream that got in my way
$1.02 - Walgreens - Sauvitel x2; ColorSilk x2; Toothbrush, used $10RR, got $3.50 RR back

Total Spent: 41.01