Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baking Day

I'm planning on having a Baking Day tomorrow.

Here's what I'm hoping to make:
Banana Bread
Strawberry Cake {Whole Foods Version}
Brown Rice

I also wanted to try this pizza recipe, but pizza and rice don't go so well together, do they? So I'll probably make enchiladas {again} and save the pizza for another day.

I'll be starting with the waffles, and they can double as tomorrow's breakfast too. The banana bread is to use up all those bananas that are going to spoil, and so is the strawberry cake {plus, strawberry cake is my favorite!}. Oh, and this should probably keep me out of Walgreens for at least one day. Maybe not, cuz I have to run by Walmart to return a movie, and Walgreens happens to be on my way...

I don't have recipe for the banana bread yet, but I'm sure there's one somewhere around here. If not, Google is always available! I'll post more about this tomorrow.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ah, couponing.

Today I walked into a store to buy some avocados for dinner. There was a post offering a subscription to local newspaper. I hadn't subscribed yet, so I stopped to see if it was any good.

The offer included a one-month subscription for $8.70, plus a $5 gas card, today's paper, and yesterday's Sunday paper. I decided it was worth it and signed up.

The funny part, however, was that while the salesman was still trying to convince me, he mentioned that the offer included the Sunday paper which contained coupons. Tuesday and Thursday are {apparently} also good days for coupons, and his wife saves about $5 a week using the coupons from the newspaper.

My only thought? "She must be doing it wrong."