Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seven months later, it ends.

Last winter break, I was cruising the internet, completely burnt out from all my classes, and enjoying my free time. In searching for a muffin recipe for my mother, I came across a money saving blog. From there I found more and more blogs, and I was intrigued. I knew that we were in debt. I knew that we spent way too much at Wal-Mart. I knew that if we didn't do something to stop this I would never be able to get the things I wanted - a MacBook Pro, a Mustang - without getting more in debt. I was sick and tired of having to turn down movies and outings with my friends because I didn't have the money. After seeing how many bloggers managed to get free shampoo, soap, groceries, I knew I had to try it.

I started couponing in January 2009, the same time I started this blog. And while I never really kept up with the blog, I kept up with the shopping. I managed to master Walgreens, and now have a linen closet full of shampoo/conditioner/lotion/etc. I have so much in there, that blankets that belong in that closet no longer fit! I guess I have to clean it out!

I've grown a lot in these past months. I've come to realize the difference between needs and wants - that Mustang? It's a "want", definitely not a need, and I won't be getting one anytime soon. The MacBook? It's a possibility. I am in the market for a new laptop, so we'll see. I'm slowly learning not to be embarrassed at cash registers and to stand my ground. If I'm using a coupon correctly, there's no reason for the cashier to disagree with me; I just need to make sure they know that. I learned the value of time - it's not worth arguing for fifteen minutes about a $1 coupon that didn't go through.

I'm also learned that I spend a lot of time on this - way too much. If I'm online, you bet I have HCW or one of my favorite blogs open. During the semester? You can bet that I was planning my Walgreens trips around school. It was annoying coming out of a class or lab and still thinking "Oh, I have to stop by Walgreens". I actually felt like I had to stop by - it wasn't something I did for fun; it was something I had to do.

And yes, I did enjoy it. But lately, it seems like a chore more than something fun. So I'm taking a break from couponing. Once this semester starts, I won't be couponing. I need the time for school, and I'm tired of having to search fliers, remember coupons, use them before they expire and everything else that goes with couponing. I am stocked up on HBA stuff, which will be enough to last us through December. Hopefully in December/January, I can pick up enough deals so that I can stock us up for next semester.

I have a little less than a month before this semester starts, and I'll be using it to hunt for deals on what we still need. Just to make sure I don't forget, I'll make a list of what we need:
--Toilet Paper
--Contact Solution
--Toothbrushes {Target/Wal-Mart, free}
--Face wipes {maybe}
--Freezer Bags
--Sandwich Bags
--Snack Bags

--Pasta {Wacky Mac, Alberstons, $0.34 'til 8/14; Ronzoni, Wal-Mart, $0.50 'til Friday}
--Peanut Butter {Walgreens, next week, $0.25/each}
--Canned Tomatoes
--White Flour
--Sugar {Alberstons, before Friday}

I think that's everything. I may be missing some stuff, but we'll see. My plan to to only have to buy produce, meat and dairy for the next few months, and only buy loss-leaders. We'll see how it goes.

So one more thing: will this blog continue? Yes. I have yet to manage to figure out this thing called "budgeting", and we are still in debt. I'm also hoping to start menu-planning, and being more organized and this blog shall serve that purpose. I will try to update it about twice a week, but we'll see how that goes.


  1. Hi, Adriana!

    Thanks for commenting on my post on Surviving the Stores!

    I also used the baking soda on one of my daughter's mosquito bites... you are right, it works, but it does flake. She didn't like that, so we put a Band-aid on it, LOL.

    Good luck on your next semester of school :) Thanks again!

  2. Hey Adriana! Its mommasbabydaddysmaybe from HCW. I can truly say I can relate to your post, couponing can definitely become addicting and you will lose the fun.

    If you can send me a list of which q's you need and I'll send you a Potluck as a RAOK.

    Good luck this semester, I start my first college semester Aug 31st. hopefully I can manage like you do.