Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rant: Stupid Kmart.

So, I previously wrote that all NM stores would be participating in Kmart doubles this week. This was information I received when I wrote to Kmart last week. On Thursday, when our ad showed up, it didn't show doubles on not. However, word on the blogosphere was that all Kmarts were doubling - it just wasn't advertised.

So, I did a trial run today. I bought Huggies wipes, since they'd be free after doubles and cheap enough after coupon. Didn't work. I was so annoyed! I was completely prepared to spend quite a bit at Kmart this week; I had several scenarios to take advantage of their 'Buy More; Save More' promotion and the Axe movie ticket promotion - but no. Kmart isn't doubling coupons.

This is infuriating because we've been left out of doubles since March. I've read on several blogs that Kmart only hosts these promotions in areas where they get a lot of response - i.e. big cities were there are a lot of couponers. I think that's dumb. Sure, maybe there will be five people in my town who go in with coupons during doubles week. But that's five people who wouldn't walk in there otherwise. And face it - we all know couponers move a lot of merchandise through stores. We may be getting the item free, but the store is getting reimbursed for it {well, I guess for half of it during a doubles event}.


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  1. You must live in Las Cruces. I took your word for the Kmart double coupon day, saving a few coupons to take to the store. But when I called on Sunday, they were not doubling anything. And the online circular showed nothing, as you stated. What a disappointment. How are us couponers supposed to show a great response if they never do 2X coupon days?