Sunday, January 4, 2009

And so it begins...

Sometime in mid-December, I was googling a recipe for my mother, and I came upon this blog: Mommy Stays Home. They weren't the muffins I was looking for, but the blog intrigued. I started reading it, and then I read several other blogs she linked. Most of the blogs belong to Stay At Home Moms (SAHMs) who combine coupons with sales to get items either very cheap or free. One mother even feeds four kids on $800 a year!
So, I started to wonder - can I do that? Can I cut back on our expenses as drastically as these women do? It might just be a harder task as the town I live in doesn't have a Kroger, Meijers, Aldi, or CVS - stores where many of these women find great deals. I'll try however.
And so this journey begins.


  1. Way to go! I am glad my blog was able to be an inspiration to you. From what I can tell you did very well at Walgreens. I did not get the shampoo coupon either. Even though you do not have some of the stores that the rest of us are buying from I am sure you can find some creative ways to save. Every grocery store has sales.

  2. "One mother even feeds four kids on $800 a year!"

    Can you please send me the link :)